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Warning! Another Singapore travel agent goes bust. Here’s how to protect yourself

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Following the abrupt closure of another well-known, Singapore travel agency, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is urging travellers to do the following:

Buy travel insurance as soon as you book your trip.

Misa Travel – Advice to customers

Misa Travel was recently forced to cease operations when STB served a notice on the company because it was ‘unable to fulfil its obligations towards its customers.’

STB advised affected customers with applicable travel insurance to approach their insurance provider for assistance, in the event that Misa Travel could not be reached, or failed to provide the relevant service delivery or refund. Those not covered would have to approach the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) or the Small Claims Tribunal (SCT).

Other closures in Singapore

This is not the first time a local travel agency has abruptly ceased operations. Others have included S Travel in 2016, Asia-Euro Holidays in 2015 and Five Stars Tour in 2014.

In many cases, customers were left stranded with little means of compensation apart from claiming on their travel insurance.

Simon Birch, CEO of Budget Direct Insurance, Singapore, says it is vital to buy your holiday insurance as soon as your trip is booked.

Our travel insurance will cover you from the moment you buy your policy should anything happen before you set off. In the case of a travel agency going bust, you will be covered under our travel insurance with Budget Direct Insurance.”

It is always advisable to read your policy documents.

When it comes to travel agents becoming insolvent here is what Budget Direct Insurance Singapore does and does not cover.

With Budget Direct Insurance, you are covered if:

You bought your policy more than three days before you are due to leave but the travel agency, transport provider or tour operator is no longer operating and they cannot provide for your trip.

Budget Direct Insurance will pay for the transport expenses (air, sea or land travel) and accommodation expenses that you have paid and which you cannot get back (including the travel agent’s cancellation fee) up to the policy limits.

You are not covered if:

The travel agency, transport provider or tour operator had stopped operating for business before you bought your policy.

For more details please check out our travel insurance policy documents.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember it’s vital to have good Travel cover.
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