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Fight the Spread of COVID-19 By Cleaning these Top 5 Germiest Spots in Your Car

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With the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, personal hygiene is a top priority for most people these days. But did you know that your car deserves the same attention too?

While the world is still learning more about COVID-19, one thing for sure is that it can remain infectious on surfaces for days. Keeping your car clean can help you to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus and other diseases. Here are the top five spots to pay attention to in your cleaning routine without damaging your car:

Washing car floor mats to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19

  • Floor Mats (especially on the driver’s side)

Dirt, dust, bacteria and viruses can get trapped onto the floor mat as you step in and out of your car. It may not be a surface you would have regular contact with – probably only when you drop your keys. Ensuring a clean floor puts your mind at ease, knowing that your car is sanitised from top to bottom.

Start cleaning it by dusting the floor mats. Using a brush and your go-to cleaning solution, giving your car floor mat a good scrub. 

Coronavirus and other germs can remain in a car through air vents

  • Air Vents

The aircon circulates germs in the air while you are on the road – that includes COVID-19 too. Use a can of compressed air to remove dust stuck in the crevices. Then wipe down the vents with a disinfectant and a microfiber cloth. As you clean your air vents, take the time to clean the dashboards and the centre console too! Dust settles on these surfaces and the radio has knobs and gaps that germs can get into. Avoid using harsh chemicals as they could damage vinyl and leather surfaces. 

A dirty cup holder is a hotbed for germs

  • Front Seat Cup Holders

Coffee stains, crumbs or just the odd knickknack like mints or a charging wire could be in your cup holder. As a spot that is easy to store and reach for things, it is an area that you would touch often. Sanitise it the same way you would with the aircon vents, with a disinfectant and a soft microfiber cloth.

To keep it clean regularly, place a travel pack of antibacterial wipes in your car. Wipe it down at the end of the day.

Man holding door handles, unaware of the viruses and bacteria that may be on it)

  • Steering Wheel & Door Handles

When you think of places you touch regularly, the steering wheel and door handles come to mind. In addition to the aircon vent circulating bacteria and viruses in the air, the combination of that and your hands could lead to a germy steering wheel! Use an isopropyl alcohol wipe or a disinfectant spray for an easy clean. Remember to clean the door handles on the exterior of your car too! Use a microfiber cloth to protect the car paint.

Muddy shoes and bag in the trunk of a car

  • Trunk of the Car

The trunk is where you store your groceries, gym bag, shoes, and other items that could be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.  Start by vacuuming the trunk to remove dust, and then disinfect the space with a spray. Use a mat when transporting groceries or a box to keep your shoes in. This helps to keep your things away from other items in your trunk and makes cleaning a lot easier for the next time!

What to Avoid When Disinfecting Your Car

Bleach and some types of soap may be highly effective in killing germs. Unfortunately, the strong formula could remove the protective layer of the car or damage the interior surfaces. Alternatively, use a gentler formula and give the surfaces a good scrub, just like how you would when washing your own hands!

Pro tip: before cleaning your car, sanitise your hands first.

BONUS: Surfaces Outside of Your Car to Sanitise Regularly

Keeping your car clean and germ-free is only good if you are aware of the surfaces you might be touching, which can inadvertently contaminate your clean car.

Your car keys are one of them. You touch it regularly and they can be grimy with residual grease, dirt, and germs. Remember to sanitise it as regularly as you clean your car.

Another possible spot is the pump at the petrol station. Keep a bottle of hand sanitiser with you to use after filling the tank. You never know who could be using the pumps, but at least you are doing your part to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

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