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Most common car accidents in Singapore. Does motor insurance cover you?

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Getting involved in a car accident is not only traumatic for the physical injuries it can cause you, it also comes with financial costs. And while your motor insurance will usually cover the costs of an accident, there are instances when your insurance company may refuse to pay out on your claim.

Below are the most common types of car accidents that occur on Singapore roads:


Statistics show that speed-related accidents have been declining in Singapore but unfortunately, they haven’t been completely curtailed.

While motorists are often in a hurry to get to their destination, valuing speed over safety is not the way to go. You could rear end another car, hit a pedestrian or miss a red light. If culpable, you will very likely be required to fork out an excess on your claim since you will be filing a claim against your own policy. On top of that, your insurance premium could be jacked up by 30-50 per cent.

Drink driving

The advertisements advising against drink driving appear to have paid off. While on the decline, accidents caused by drink driving do still occur, resulting in hefty legal and medical expenses. As drink driving is illegal, insurers will not pay for damages, injuries or loss resulting from such accidents. You’ll have to fork out the expenses yourself, not to speak of facing the possibility of being jailed. 

Reckless or distracted driving

Most of the car accidents that occurred last year were due to reckless driving, among them texting and holding a mobile phone or device while driving. If you were texting or holding a phone while driving, you will not only face fines and jail time, your insurance policy will also be rendered invalid. Even if you were driving carelessly but not texting or doing anything illegal, you will still have to claim against your own policy and suffer excess payments on repair claims.

Hit and run

With hit and run accidents, especially those involving parked cars, it is harder to file a claim. Even so, you should file a report to the police and to your insurer right away. In addition, if you have a dashcam or in-car camera, you can use it as additional evidence of the accident and try to identify the driver.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, it’s vital to have good motor insurance.
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