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Your Guide to the Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) for Malaysia

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All foreign vehicles entering Malaysia require a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP). Here is a quick guide to the VEP and what you can expect when it comes to applying for it.

Why do we need a permit to enter Malaysia?

Malaysia announced in 2017 that all foreign-registered vehicles entering the country will need a VEP, meant to tackle car theft and cloning syndicates and prevent vehicles with outstanding fines from leaving the country.

How do I apply for a VEP?

All motorists entering Malaysia from Singapore will need a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) or have completed the online application and received a confirmation slip, which, along with a registered Touch ’n Go card (see section below) can be used until your VEP RFID tag has been activated.

Any vehicle caught without the VEP-RFID tag or VEP registration details, sent to you via email, will be fined a penalty of RM150 (approx. S$50).

Here’s an easy, step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Malaysian VEP.

Step 1: Register online at the official VEP portal

You can only register for a VEP online at the official VEP portal.

You will need to create an account before you start the application process.

This account can be used to view any updates on the status of your application. Do remember your account details to avoid any hassle.

You will be asked to input your personal details, this should be the registered owner of the car, plus your vehicle information.

The email address you use to register your details using your NRIC (or passport number for foreigners) cannot be amended or deleted, so be sure to use an email address you will continue to have access to. This VEP account will last your lifetime and may be used to register more than one vehicle at a time.

Remember to deactivate your vehicle on your VEP account when you sell it, otherwise any penalties on your sold vehicle accrued in Malaysia will still be attributed to you.

Tip: Avoid filling in the application form manually, by uploading a PDF file of your car registration. The PDF file can be downloaded from the official LTA website of OneMotoring.

Once your registration for the VEP is successful, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Step 2: Download the Touch 'n Go eWallet

Whilst waiting for your confirmation email, download and set up your Touch 'n Go eWallet, which is available at both Apple and Google App stores. This Touch 'n Go eWallet will be useful as it is linked to the VEP-RFID tag upon collection. In addition, you can use the eWallet to reload your Touch ‘n Go Card, so that it automatically pays your road charge for entry to Malaysia.

Tip:Be careful when selecting the ID type in your eWallet. If you get it wrong this may cause your eWallet and VEP to be mismatched and could result in you not being able to obtain your VEP-RFID tag straight away.

If you do make a mistake you’ll need to create another account to change it.

For Singaporeans, you should choose NRIC as the ID type in the Touch 'n Go eWallet. For foreigners, you should choose Passport as the ID type.

Step 3: The Road Transport Department of Malaysia will contact you via your registered email address to confirm your postal address where the RFID tag will be delivered with instructions for attachment to your car’s windshield.

Please note, as this content is subject to changes, we advise you to check the following government websites before driving to Malaysia.

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