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Shower your car with some love and attention before the rain gets to it

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Ahead of Singapore’s Northeast Monsoon season, it pays to take some precautionary measures to ensure that you and your motor are well-prepared.

Prevention is better than cure

When it comes to driving through rain and flood in Singapore, staying safe is top priority. The following are some items that you may wish to inspect:

  1. Tyres

    Tyres are the only contact between your car and the road, so they play an important role in ensuring safety, regardless whether the road is dry or wet. They are even more crucial when driving in the wet because tyre threads help to drain water from the road surface and prevent aquaplaning. So, make sure that your tyres are not worn out.

  2. Brakes

    Braking distance increases when driving on a wet surface, even with sufficient tyre thread and an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). Check that your vehicle’s brakes are functioning properly and whether the brake pads need replacing.

  3. Lights

    Visibility is compromised during wet weather, so proper illumination is vital. Make sure that all headlamps are in working condition. Tail lamps are just as important because they ensure that motorists behind can see you and keep a safe distance.

  4. Wipers

    Wipers help to rid the windshield of water as quickly and efficiently as possible to maintain adequate visibility. Check to ensure that wipers are functioning properly and the blades are not worn out.

Got wet? Don’t fret

Rainwater contains pollutants that can harm your car’s exterior and cabin, but it is not always possible to keep it out of the rain. Here are some steps to mitigate the detrimental effects of rain.

  • Choose a sheltered car park, wherever possible, or invest in a car cover.
  • Always wipe your car down after being caught in the rain to avoid rain spots.
  • Protect your car with coatings that have Teflon or Nano technology.
  • Even basic waxing will help to prevent rust formation as the wax fills up small scratches and crevices on the car’s exterior.
  • Should the interior get wet, wipe and air dry the surfaces as soon as you can. Contact with water can lead to fungal growth on upholstery and carpets.

When it comes to rain and flood, avoidance is your best bet. If you have absolutely no other alternative but to drive through flood water, check out these safety tips.

Cover up

A study by consumer researchers, ValueChampion, found that not all car insurance plans cover flood damage and those that do may not necessarily cost more. Often, the clauses pertaining to flood damage may be hidden in the fine print. Does your car insurance cover flood damage? Find out here.

If your car insurance plan does not come with coverage for flood damage, is it worth paying a higher premium to have it included?

With 13 reported instances of flash flooding in 2017 alone, even if you do not frequent any of these flood prone areas and hotspots in Singapore, play it safe and opt for an insurance plan that provides flood coverage.

Budget Direct motor insurance plans cover flood damage so that you can have greater peace of mind. Call 6221 2111 for a free quote and to find out more.

By motoring expert, Lynn Tan

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