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Here’s how we’re making your insurance smoother and more secure

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A message from the CEO of Budget Direct Insurance

We're introducing more digital enhancements to help simplify your insurance. Here's how.

At Budget Direct Insurance, it’s our mission to make insurance simple and stress–free.

We strive to ensure that buying and claiming insurance is as straightforward as possible. As a customer myself I don’t want to waste more time than I must buying insurance and jumping through hoops to make a claim. We get it and that’s why we invest so much time refining our processes and our customer journey experience.

So, we’re delighted to tell you about our latest digital initiatives that we hope will help you have a smoother and more seamless insurance experience.

Purchase your car or motorcycle insurance effortlessly through SMS.

Once you've received your insurance quote from us, keep an eye out for a Budget Direct Insurance SMS, originating from the number +65 80284339. All you need to do is respond to our SMS, and we’ll process your policy purchase. It's as simple as that. And for your peace of mind, our SMS number, +65 80284339, is readily searchable and will point you to our website, ensuring you're never left in doubt about its authenticity, and preventing any misconceptions about it being a potential scam. Your trust and security are our top priorities.

Renew your insurance policy via SMS

First off, we have introduced a simpler way for you to renew your car or motorcycle insurance policy. Now you can do it via SMS. It’s a quicker and more secure way to renew your policy.

Prior to your policy renewal you’ll receive a text/SMS message from us. Look out for our Budget Direct Insurance SMS with the number +65 82410878. It’s important to note that it includes the country code +65. You’ll receive the message in plenty of time before renewal. Simply reply to our SMS, and we’ll process your policy renewal. It’s as easy as that.

Budget Direct Insurance e–shopping vouchers

Shopping vouchers have always been a great way for us to reward our customers be it for promotions or receiving incentives. You’ll be pleased to know that we’ve replaced physical paper vouchers with e-shopping vouchers which will not only reduce paper wastage but also, we hope, will reduce any hassle for you. For instance, no more waiting for paper vouchers to arrive in the post and no more carrying and potentially losing your shopping vouchers. You can simply redeem your e-CapitaVouchers via your Policy Manager which you can log into on the Budget Direct Insurance website any time that suits you.

Get a fast, easy, and more secure car insurance quote using Myinfo via Singpass

We’d also like to take this opportunity to encourage you to use Myinfo via Singpass when getting a quote and buying your car insurance online. Myinfo is a handy and secure Singapore government digital service that allows you to auto-populate online forms with participating businesses such as ours.

Rest assured, Budget Direct Insurance is only provided the personal data that is relevant to processing your transaction, data that is stored safely using cybersecurity industry best practices implemented by the government. And it all means you get a simpler and more secure online experience. No more filling out forms incorrectly and no more time wasted searching for your details and information. For all these reasons and more, we recommend you use this service whenever you get the chance.

People who are passionate about helping others

Finally, as keen as we are to digitise our processes and to make life simpler for everyone, I feel it’s also important to remind you that we have a fantastic award-winning team of dedicated customer care executives who are on hand six days a week to talk to you and assist you with your insurance matters.

You can pick up the phone and speak to our friendly insurance experts who are based right here in Singapore.

We pride ourselves on operating like a family business that truly cares about its customers and is passionate about simplifying your insurance experience so you can spend more time on the things you love most.

Meanwhile, we are always looking for good people to join our growing team. Please do check out our careers page here.


We thank you for your support.
From Simon, CEO of Budget Direct Insurance