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Quick guide to getting your motorbike license in Singapore.

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So, you fancy getting out on the roads on two wheels? Here’s how.

Officially, if you’re over 18 and are fit to drive, all you need to do to get your first Class 2B licence (for motorcycles 200cc and lower) is the following:

Step 1: Pass a Basic Theory Test at one of these centres:

Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC)
ComfortDelGro Driving Centre Pte Ltd
Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC)

Study materials are available online here.

Step 2: Pass the Riding Theory Test

After passing the Basic Theory Test, apply for a Provisional Driving Licence, which allows you to practise riding in the driving circuit and on public roads while supervised by a driving school instructor.

For motorcycle licences, unlike car licences, there’s no choice – you must  enrol at one of the driving centres listed above, and given that, you may as well enroll before the Basic Theory Test.

Before sitting the RTT you’ll need to attend all the centre’s theory lessons (approx. 12 hours duration); have passed the centre’s internal evaluation; and have passed a circuit assessment test at the centre.

Step 3: Pass the Practical Riding Test

The centre will require you to do a minimum number of practical lessons (approximately 14 hours worth), though SSCD reckons their average student does 15 two-hour circuit sessions and a further six two-hour on-road lessons before going on to the Practical Test.

Pass that, and you’re a licensed rider.


Or not so much. One friend admits she took two years to complete the process recently, though very motivated learners could do it in under three months, depending on waiting times for tests.

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