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Budget Direct Insurance Invites Drivers to Compare and Enjoy Free* Insurance

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Budget Direct Insurance Invites Drivers to Compare and Enjoy Free* Car Insurance

SINGAPORE, 21 August 2023 - Budget Direct Insurance, a leading online insurer for car, motorcycle, and travel, has just launched an exciting new challenge that aims to revolutionise the way local motorists perceive car insurance. In a bold initiative, Budget Direct Insurance encourages drivers to obtain a comprehensive car insurance quote from them and then compare it with their current insurer's renewal notice. If Budget Direct Insurance verifies that the renewal notice is cheaper, motorists won't just save money – they’ll also be reimbursed with free* insurance coverage from Budget Direct.

With an unwavering commitment to providing the best value to its customers, Budget Direct Insurance is confident that its new Pay Less or Pay Nothing* promotion is a genuine win-win proposition for all Singaporean motorists. By participating in the challenge, customers have the opportunity to either secure a reduced premium for their insurance needs or walk away with complimentary* insurance coverage.

Budget Direct Insurance launches trailblazing promotion: Pay Less or Pay Nothing*. If drivers beat their price, they’ll receive complimentary* car insurance.

Savings of up to 55% on car insurance premiums

The CEO of Budget Direct Insurance, Simon Birch, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of this trailblazing promotion. He emphasised how this initiative would not only benefit customers directly but also shine a spotlight on the substantial savings that Singaporean motorists can make by choosing Budget Direct Insurance over other insurers.

"Drivers with us can make a saving of up to 55% on car insurance premiums, and that's a significant sum," stated Simon Birch. "While many insurance companies dangle seemingly attractive promotions such as discounts, vouchers, and cashback, an independent study has revealed that Budget Direct Insurance consistently offers better deals. Even after factoring in such promotions, Budget Direct Insurance remains virtually unmatched."

The independent study conducted by consumer researchers, ValueChampion, confirms Budget Direct's position as the provider of Singapore's cheapest comprehensive car insurance plans. Regardless of gender and No Claims Discounts (NCD), Budget Direct customers can enjoy insurance premiums up to 55% lower than the average rates offered by other insurers, as highlighted in the consumer report.

Providing outstanding customer experiences.

Meanwhile, Budget Direct Insurance's commitment to delivering exceptional customer service has garnered it the prestigious Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award year on year. The independent global award is presented to companies that consistently go above and beyond in providing outstanding customer experiences. With nearly 8,309 satisfied customers having shared their feedback on the independent reviews’ platform, the digital online insurer has earned an impressive average score of 4.7/5 stars, solidifying its reputation as a customer-centric insurance provider.

CEO Simon Birch commented, "This challenge is an exciting opportunity for drivers to secure insurance that fits their budget. With our competitive pricing and unwavering service, the challenge is on!"

Part of an international group that caters to millions of policyholders globally, Budget Direct Insurance believes its consistent commitment to delivering top-tier digital insurance services sets it apart.

Singapore motorists are being urged to join the challenge and discover why the award-winning insurer stands as a premier choice for smart, savvy motorists seeking unbeatable value and exceptional service.

For more information about Budget Direct Insurance and the Pay Less or Pay Nothing* promotion, please visit www.budgetdirect.com.sg.

*Terms and conditions apply.

About Budget Direct Insurance
Budget Direct Insurance is an award-winning online digital insurance company for car, motorcycle, and travel. It is part of an international group which provides insurance solutions for millions of policyholders worldwide. Their brands include Compare the Market in the UK, Budget Direct in Australia, and Telesure in South Africa.

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