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Budget Direct Insurance Leads The Way With SingPass

SINGAPORE, 20 November 2019 - Budget Direct Insurance is one of Singapore’s first insurers to use the government’s SingPass app login service.

Customers can now access their online account with Budget Direct Insurance via the SingPass app when they scan a SingPass QR code on Budget Direct’s portal. This alternative is secure and will speed up the login process, saving customers the hassle of having to remember different login credentials for their online accounts.

Budget Direct Insurance is one of Singapore’s first insurers to launch the government’s SingPass service

Budget Direct Insurance is one of Singapore’s first insurers to use the government’s SingPass app login service.

The award-winning online car, motorcycle and travel insurer says it is delighted to be leading the way when it comes to making use of such cutting-edge technology. Budget Direct Insurance CEO, Simon Birch, said: “We are pleased to be one of the first insurance companies to offer this service to our customers. Logging in with SingPass will make it easier and faster for our customers to use our website to access their policy details, and of course, our customers stand to benefit from the security features implemented by the government for SingPass.”

He added: “Singapore is driving towards being a truly ‘smart nation’. At the same time, Budget Direct Insurance prides itself on being a truly ‘smart’ insurer, embracing and implementing technological advances that improve our customer experience and keep our premium prices low.”

The insurer says SingPass will only be used to verify customers’ identities during the login process. If any personal information is required, customers will be asked for their consent which will need to be given before their details are shared.

Initially used as an authentication system to help Singapore residents’ access digital government services, SingPass was recently extended to include private sector partners, including Budget Direct Insurance. For more information, please visit www.singpassmobile.sg.

MyInfo makes it even easier to get a quote and buy online.

Meanwhile, the insurance firm has revealed that it has plans in the pipeline to launch MyInfo, another government digital service, that will further simplify the process for customers to get a quote and buy insurance online.

Customers will be able to use MyInfo, authenticated via SingPass, to auto-fill certain personal details when getting a motor insurance quote or buying a car policy with Budget Direct Insurance.

Personal details include government-verified data such as users’ name, address and NRIC number and vehicle registration details.

The new service will create a faster and more efficient online user experience as customers will no longer waste time on repetitive form-filling of personal information.

Customers will be able to auto-populate personal data using MyInfo, which will help to reduce mistakes that can sometimes happen when manually filling out details for certain online transactions.

Budget Direct Insurance already offers one of the fastest quote processes in Singapore with customers getting an indicative quote in just 30 seconds. The insurer says the implementation of MyInfo will help speed up this process even further.

Instant travel claims payout with PayNow

The digitally-led insurance firm is also gearing up to offer its customers the PayNow service for travel claims payments. Customers will be able to receive instant claim payouts when their travel claims are approved, thanks to the new electronic fund transfer service.

CEO Simon Birch said: “PayNow is a convenient platform for our customers to receive instant payments for their travel insurance claims. We are excited to be offering this service. No more waiting days for cheques to clear or having to provide bank account details. Travel insurance claims payments will soon reach our customers instantly.”