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Budget Direct Insurance unveils new 24-hour emergency assistance app for motorists and travellers

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Budget Direct Insurance Unveils New 24-Hour Emergency Assistance App For Motorists And Travellers

SINGAPORE, 27 January 2021 - Singapore’s award-winning online insurer has launched a 24/7 emergency web app that makes it faster and easier for motorists and travellers to seek assistance.

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Budget Direct Insurance launches 24/7 emergency assistance web app, now available for motorists and travellers

Available at no extra cost to all Budget Direct Insurance customers, the app connects motorists and travellers to an emergency assistance expert if they should need help in Singapore or when overseas.

Budget Direct Insurance says it will be an invaluable tool for motorists and motorcyclists who have had an accident, a vehicle breakdown or even a flat tyre and need roadside assistance including requesting a tow truck. It will also provide extra peace of mind for motorists outside of Singapore when travelling in West Malaysia and Southern Thailand.

A key feature of the app is its GPS capability which enables responders to easily locate callers. The online insurance company says real-time status updates can help alleviate much of the stress experienced by callers whilst waiting for help to arrive on the scene.

Simon Birch, Budget Direct Insurance CEO, said: “We are really pleased to be offering our customers this free 24/7 emergency assistance app that makes it faster and easier to seek help. It gives our customers an additional channel for contacting our emergency service provider and gives them more peace of mind when seeking help.” 

He added: ‘We are always keen to make life easier for our customers, whether it’s getting a quote and buying insurance super-fast or seeking emergency assistance quickly and easily. We want to make the insurance experience as smooth and hassle-free as we possibly can.” 

As well as being able to handle emergency calls, the app offers a 24/7 live chat option. In both instances, customers will liaise directly with an emergency assistance expert.

Accessed on any browser via a link on the Budget Direct Insurance website, the web app requires no download and can be used instead of an emergency hotline number, giving customers an additional option when it comes to seeking help. An added bonus, says the digital insurer, is that overseas callers won’t have to incur potentially hefty phone roaming charges.

The insurer says the app provides a smooth and hassle-free customer verification process too, making it faster for customers to seek help. It will also enable callers to make direct contact with Budget Direct’s emergency assistance team multiple times without having to repeat their identification details. 

The app was created and designed by Across Asia Assist, an emergency assistance service provider for Budget Direct Insurance.

Justin Lai, Chief Technology Officer for Across Asia Assist, said: “Our app allows customers to get an immediate response without having to go through the conventional way of contacting the call centre and possibly being put on hold. Whether it’s for an emergency or non-emergency request for assistance or advice, it serves to attend to every little roadside or travel assistance inquiry at any time.”

The emergency assistance app is a boon to the online insurer which prides itself on being an industry leader when it comes to implementing digital solutions. It has been at the forefront of offering customers the opportunity to use SingPass when getting a quote and buying insurance. It also provides instant policy cancellations and claim payouts to its customers via PayNow. Plus, the online insurance company for car, motorcycle and travel offers one of the fastest online quotes in Singapore.