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The easiest cars to park in Singapore

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Let’s be honest, coaxing your car into a cosy parking lot can rev up your blood pressure. It’s especially nerve-wrecking during peak hours when impatient eyes are all on you. And don’t even get us started on parallel lots by the road side.

The easiest way to avoid a parking fail is to get a motor that’s easy to park. Here we round up five compact favourites that are nifty round the city and help ease the pressure of parking.

Suzuki Swift

1. Suzuki Swift

Nifty, zippy and always looking game for a bit of driving fun; Suzuki’s perennial favourite never fails to impress drivers with its effervescence.

As economical as it is engaging, the Swift’s petite size makes it right at home in the big city thanks to direct steering mechanics that offer drivers precision, especially round bends.

Where it really matters in the parking department, that same control, coupled with the Swift’s petite size of just over 3.8-metres in length and large windows for visibility, let it make light work of parking duties.

Mitsubishi Attrage 

2. Mitsubishi Attrage

A faultless little sedan intended for functionality, the Mitsubishi Attrage has been set up specifically for passenger comfort while cruising along Singapore’s increasingly pockmarked roads. Couple that with a fuel-sipping naturally-aspirated 1.2-litre engine and seamless CVT (continuous variable transmission) gearbox; and you will understand why the car is particularly popular amongst owners looking for a daily commuter.

But the real surprise is how effortless it is to drive. With the smallest turning radius (at 4.8m) in its class and an electronic steering setup, u-turns and squeezing into crowded parking lots will never be a cause for worry.

Volkswagen Golf 

3. Volkswagen Golf

An icon of all-round efficiency, performance and style, the Volkswagen Golf needs little introduction as a standard for practical driving pleasure. With engine options starting from a pint-sized 1.0-litre turbocharged all the way up to 2.0-litres, there’ll be a variant to suit your needs.

Regardless of choice, this perky little hatchback is a peach to drive with sharp handling being one of its strongest suits. Great visibility throughout certainly helps in parking duties, but opt for the Park Assist and let sensors around the car help you park to perfection. You will still need to alternate between throttle, brakes and gear shifting, but sensors will do the rest, detecting and automatically steering the car in and out of available parallel and perpendicular parking lots.

Mazda 2 Hatchback

4. Mazda 2 Hatchback

Arguably the sleekest of the Japanese superminis, the Mazda 2 hatchback is also reputedly better built than many of its counterparts. Styling finesse and well-appointed interiors help make an impression, but it is the car’s driver-focused dynamics that have earned it numerous accolades.

A sporty yet comfortable suspension setup do not just make the car fun round corners, but coupled with a well-weighted and responsive steering, drivers will always feel confident and in control – the perfect emotional booster whenever you’ve got to tackle a tight parking space with plenty of blind spots.

Toyota Vios

5. Toyota Vios

A perennial favourite with a bullet-proof reputation for reliability, Toyota’s refreshed compact sedan is now a whole lot more stylish and plush. It’s also the car that many of us remember learning to drive in.

The new Vios now features a crew of electric nannies such as traction control, vehicle stabiliser, electronic brake-force distribution to make the drive a little safer in this 1.5-litre 106bhp car. But as you would probably remember during your learning days, the Vios was a very easy car to manoeuvre, with an electric steering that was light, responsive and clear visibility all around. While that hasn’t changed, it has only gotten prettier with age and a lot more comfortable.

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