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or Get $100*, Even If You Don’t Buy!

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Pay Less and Save on Car Insurance!

If any other insurer’s premium is cheaper than our premiums for the same level of cover, we’ll give you $100*, even if you don’t buy from us.

Promo ends 31 March 2023.

Remember, you can renew your insurance 60 days before its start date.

Ready for the challenge? Here's what you’ll need to do:

  1. Get a customised quote from us for your Comprehensive car insurance policy online or over the phone. You can call our Customer Care team at 6221 2111. Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 8pm and Saturdays, 9am to 3pm (Closed on Sundays and public holidays).
  2. If our premium quote is higher than any other insurer’s premium for the same level of cover, then please get in touch! Email us the full details of your comparative quote or renewal notice from your current insurer. Email: [email protected]
  3. If we verify that our quoted premium is higher, you will receive $100*.

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Who is eligible to enjoy this offer?

35 years old and above
Main Driver in your policy is 35 years old and above
driving licence for more than 2 years
Each Named Driver, if any, is 25 years old and above and has held a valid driving licence for more than 2 years
No Claim Discount
Applicable if your No Claim Discount (NCD) is 30% or more
car usage
Car usage selected is Private and Commuting Use
no accident or claim
The Main Driver and Named Driver(s) have not been involved in an accident or claim (including any “not at fault” accident/claim) within the 3 years preceding the policy start date

*Terms and conditions apply.

Not Ready to Buy but Still Want $100*?

If your policy is not due for renewal in the next 60 days, you can still secure your participation in the Pay Less or Get $100* challenge by submitting your details. We will send you a reminder to join the challenge when it’s time!

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Terms & Conditions for Budget Direct Car Insurance Pay Less or Get $100* Challenge (“Promotion Challenge”)
  1. Only vehicles registered in Singapore and only residents of Singapore may be insured under Budget Direct Insurance's car insurance policies. For other terms and conditions of Budget Direct Insurance's car policies, please refer to the Product Disclosure Document that is currently published on our website, prior to purchase of such policy.
  2. This Promotion Challenge is only available to customers (each, an “Eligible Customer”):

    • who are ready to renew their Comprehensive car insurance policy with another Singapore-based insurer between 1 January 2023 and 31 March 2023 (dates inclusive) and have not yet paid the renewal premium for their policy (“Challenge Period”);

    • whose vehicle to be insured must not have been previously insured by Budget Direct Insurance within 60 days of the date of the Eligible Customer’s submission of the Verification Documents;

    • who have obtained a customised quote on our website at budgetdirect.com.sg or from our Customer Care team by calling 6221 2111. Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 8pm and Saturdays, 9am to 3pm (Closed on Sundays and public holidays); and

    • whose policy to be renewed, insurance application to and quote from Budget Direct Insurance or other Singapore-based insurer fulfil the following criteria:
      • the Main Driver in the policy is 35 years old and above;
      • each of the policy’s Named Driver(s), if any, is 25 years old and above, and holds a valid driving licence for more than 2 years;
      • the applicable No Claim Discount is 30% and above;
      • the type of car usage selected is Private and Commuting Use; and
      • each of the Main Driver and the Named Driver(s) has not been involved in any accident or claim (including any “not at fault” accident/claim) within the 3 years preceding the start date of the policy.
  3. Save as expressly stated otherwise in these terms and conditions, Budget Direct Insurance will apply its standard underwriting criteria and requirements to all insurance applications, and reserves the right, at any time, to reject in full or in part, any insurance application.
  4. To participate in this Promotion Challenge, the Eligible Customer must submit to [email protected] at Budget Direct Insurance, either (i) the full details of their policy renewal documents from their current insurer (“Renewal Notice”) OR (ii) a quote for Comprehensive car insurance policy from any other Singapore-based insurer (“Comparative Quote”) for their policy renewal, AND their current insurance policy schedule as well as any other information that Budget Direct Insurance may require (collectively, the “Verification Documents”).
  5. All Verification Documents (including Renewal Notice, Comparative Quote, and current policy schedule) submitted to Budget Direct Insurance for verification:
    • must be genuine, complete and up-to-date, so that an accurate comparison of the Eligible Customer’s current policy cover or the Comparative Quote’s policy cover, and the benefits and cover offered by Budget Direct Insurance can be made; and

    • must be received by Budget Direct Insurance by 23:59 hours on 31 March 2023.

    By submitting the Verification Documents, the Eligible Customer agrees to authorise and grant Budget Direct Insurance the right to collect, use and process their name, NRIC/FIN number, email address and other personal details contained in the Verification Documents, for the purposes of verifying the Eligible Customer's renewal/quoted policy proposal details and the administration of this promotion.

    Our Customer Care team will advise you on the adequacy of the Verification Documents submitted. Budget Direct Insurance reserves the right to refuse an Eligible Customer’s participation in this Promotion Challenge if the Verification Documents submitted are unsatisfactory or incomplete.

  6. If Budget Direct Insurance verifies that our quoted premium is higher than an Eligible Customer’s renewal premium offered by his/her current insurer or quoted premium from other Singapore-based insurer for the same level of cover, the Eligible Customer will be eligible to receive $100 (“Challenge Amount”). If Budget Direct Insurance determines that the Eligible Customer is successful in the Promotion Challenge (“Successful Customer”), Budget Direct Insurance will contact the Successful Customer for purposes of receiving the Challenge Amount within 30 days from our email notification to the Eligible Customer that he/she is successful in the challenge.
  7. Budget Direct Insurance reserves the right to award the Challenge Amount in e-vouchers or items of equivalent value. A Successful Customer (as identified by their NRIC or FIN number) can only receive the Challenge Amount once (regardless of how the Eligible Customer participates in the Promotion Challenge). Unless otherwise expressly stated by Budget Direct Insurance, a Successful Customer is not eligible to participate in any similar promotion challenges (regardless of the Challenge Amount). Budget Direct Insurance reserves the right to disqualify a Successful Customer from receiving the Challenge Amount if it suspects any fraud or misleading conduct.
  8. By accepting the Challenge Amount, each Successful Customer grants Budget Direct Insurance the right to use his/her name, likeness, image and voice (including in any photograph and/or video recording), written comments, and the fact that he/she had won the Challenge Amount, for advertising, marketing and promotional purposes, in any media, without further notice or compensation.
  9. This Promotion Challenge is not valid with any on-going or existing promotions, discounts, offers, vouchers, rebates or privileges which are published on budgetdirect.com.sg/promotions (save that Budget Direct Insurance is entitled to apply incentives enjoyed under the Budget Direct Insurance Bring a Buddy or any of our partner programme promotions, which involves the use of an affinity code, to the quoted premium ).
  10. Each Eligible Customer agrees to receive marketing communications from Budget Direct Insurance in relation to this Promotion Challenge and our products and services. An Eligible Customer may opt-out from our marketing communications at the time of receipt or by emailing us at [email protected]
  11. All employees of Budget Direct Insurance and their related companies, their immediate families, and persons living in the same household as the aforementioned individuals (whether related or not), are not eligible to participate in this Promotion Challenge.
  12. The terms and conditions of this Promotion Challenge may be amended by Budget Direct Insurance at any time without notice or incurring liability to any party. The decision of Budget Direct Insurance on all matters relating to this Promotion Challenge is final. Any updates to these terms and conditions will be published on the website of Budget Direct Insurance at budgetdirect.com.sg.