Terms and Conditions for Budget Direct Insurance
Affinity Programme

The terms and conditions set out below apply to the Budget Direct Insurance Affinity Programme (the “Affinity Programme”):

  1. Participants in Budget Direct Insurance’s Affinity Programme will be issued an Affinity ID (“Affinity ID”) and encouraged to share the Affinity ID with their members, users or audience, who can enjoy a discount off the premium for any policy bought from Budget Direct Insurance (“Affinity Discount”).
  2. The Affinity Discount is only available to customers (each, an “Eligible Customer”):
    • who use the Affinity ID to purchase a NEW car, motorcycle or travel policy (“Policy”) from Budget Direct Insurance; and
    • whose insurance application and premium payment is accepted by Budget Direct Insurance and the Policy is not cancelled before the start date of that Policy.
  3. Use of the Affinity ID to enjoy the Affinity Discount is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions of the Affinity Programme. To enjoy the Affinity Discount, the Eligible Customer must:
    • enter the Affinity ID in the appropriate field on the website of Budget Direct Insurance to obtain a quote for the Policy online; or
    • provide the Affinity ID to Budget Direct Insurance’s Customer Care Executive when getting a quote for the Policy over the phone or in person at our Customer Care Centre.
  4. By submitting the Affinity ID, each customer agrees to Budget Direct Insurance’s Privacy Policy (available at https://www.budgetdirect.com.sg/privacy-policy) and authorises Budget Direct Insurance to collect, use, store and process the personal particulars submitted for the purposes of verifying his/her eligibility to enjoy the Affinity Discount and communicate marketing materials about Budget Direct Insurance’s products and services to the customer.
  5. Budget Direct Insurance reserves the right to disapply or remove the Affinity Discount if the Affinity Discount is no longer available or valid.
  6. Only vehicles registered in Singapore and only residents of Singapore may be insured under Budget Direct Insurance’s car, motorcycle and travel insurance policies. For other terms and conditions of Budget Direct Insurance’s insurance policies, please refer to the Product Disclosure Document for car, motorcycle and travel insurance policies that are currently published on our website, prior to  purchase of the Policy.
  7. Budget Direct Insurance shall apply its standard underwriting criteria and requirements to all insurance applications and reserves the right, at any time, to reject, in full or in part, any insurance application for purchase of a Policy.
  8. Unless otherwise stated by Budget Direct Insurance, the Affinity Discount will apply on top of prevailing promotions, discounts, offers, vouchers, rebates or privileges, which are published on budgetdirect.com.sg/promotions, except for any incentive/discount (such as Buddy ID or Corporate Affinity ID) that may be enjoyed under Budget Direct Insurance ‘s ‘Bring a Buddy’ and Corporate Programme.
  9. The Affinity Discount is non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash, credit or any other item. The Affinity ID must be applied at the point of purchase of the Policy. Budget Direct Insurance will not retrospectively grant the Affinity Discount should a customer fail to apply or disclose the Affinity ID to Budget Direct Insurance when purchasing the Policy.
  10. The Affinity Discount does not apply where there is any renewal, endorsement, extension, shortening or cancellation of any existing policy of the Eligible Customer.
  11. All employees of Budget Direct Insurance and their related companies, their immediate families, and persons living in the same household as the aforementioned individuals (whether related or not), are not eligible to enjoy the Affinity Discount.
  12. The terms and conditions of this Affinity Programme may be amended by Budget Direct Insurance at any time without notice or incurring liability to any party.
  13. The decision of Budget Direct Insurance on all matters relating to the Affinity Programme is final. Any updates to these terms and conditions will be published on budgetdirect.com.sg.