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Accident Hotspots in Singapore

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Did you know that Singapore had 5,473 road accidents involving injuries in 2020? Car accidents happen all around the world but there has been a 16.2% increase in the first half of 2021 in road accidents over the years. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has implemented many strict traffic laws and have also added more right turn signals in accident prone areas. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with fewer vehicles on the road, there have also been fewer casualties when it comes to traffic related accidents.

Of course, all roads and routes are built differently and thus some are more susceptible to accidents due to blind spots and the number of traffic lights. In addition, not all car accidents can be avoided, but in saying this, it is also up to the driver to be always alert for incoming vehicles in all directions and to check and wait before making turns. We have created a list of 10 of the most accident prone roads that we think need that extra care when driving to stay safe and avoid getting into an accident.

1. Alexandra Road

Alexandra Road

Alexandra is known for its many car showrooms, so it’s kind of ironic to see that it is also one of the accident hotspots in Singapore. One of the latest crashes to be witnessed by the many showrooms was a Ferrari on the 3rd of December 2021. The luxury sports car crashed into a central divider at Alexandra Road by the iconic Park Hotel Alexandra.

Whilst the Ferrari accident did not cause any major injuries, another accident that happened in 2017 resulted in 3 people being sent to the hospital. The chain collision involved 3 cars and a taxi, which happened at Alexandra Road and Leng Kee Road.

2. PIE near Simei Road exit and PIE near exit to BKE Woodlands

This is one of the most congested roads in Singapore due to having many short turns and exits. Due to being one of the main roads in Singapore, many of the accidents occur during the morning and afternoon rush hour and are thus considered an accident hotspot.

PIE near Simei Road exit
There have been multiple accidents over the years on this passage with one happening on a  rainy day involving a motorcycle, truck, van and car. The accident caused traffic to be at a near standstill for approximately 1.5hrs, causing huge delays and traffic jams across Singapore roads.

3. Lornie Road

Lornie Road 

Lornie Road is another notorious dangerous road in Singapore that you must take extra precautions when passing through, not that you shouldn’t be anyway. This road gets super busy during peak times as it bypasses the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) along the Central Expressway. As a result, with many vehicles rushing to go to work or on the way home take less care when it comes to following traffic laws. According to police records, the main cause of traffic accidents is speeding while trying to beat the lights. In accordance with this, the Land Transport Authority has implemented many speed cameras along this road to prevent people from speeding and getting into accidents.

4. Upper Serangoon Road

Upper Serangoon Road

Similar to the other dangerous roads discussed, this is another major accident prone area in Singapore roads. Recently, in November 2021 an 11 year old boy and an adult had to be taken to the hospital due to an accident that took place at Upper Serangoon Road. The collision involves a Toyota Vellfire minivan and silver Mercedes hatchback car, with the minivan running a red light and toppling over due to being hit by the Mercedes.

5. Cross junction at Bugis Junction/ Rochor road

Bugis Junction/ Rochor road

This road is known for people to be speeding, especially luxury and sports cars. Over 3 weeks there was an accident with a Ferrari, then a Lexus and then a black Mercedes. Vehicles are not cheap in Singapore, so the repair of these cars must have cost a fortune. All of them got into an accident trying to outrun the red and in turn, ended up getting into traffic related accident that increased the wait time by 100 compared to waiting a few minutes for the light to turn green again.

6. Yio Chu Kang Road

Yio Chu Kang Road

Yio Chu Kang Road is considered an accident hotspot in Singapore due to many reasons, including ongoing construction on the road which has caused confusion and blind sports with cars quickly diverting to other directions. There was a fatal crash that involved three casualties and several people being injured. The vehicle had mounted a kerb and hit some railings and then crashed into pedestrians.

It is also vital to keep an eye out during the later hours and at night, as there have been illegal racing reported.

7. PIE near Clementi Ave 6 exit

PIE near Clementi Ave 6 exit

Clementi Ave is an important route for locals as this road links PIE to Ayer Rajah Expressway. There is high traffic throughout the day, and it is quite congested with many trucks and large vehicles using this passageway. Speeding is common, there are also quick turns and exits that may force drivers to significantly reduce their speed when exiting, which may lead to an accident if you are not paying attention. There have been 15 accidents recorded over the years, which is why this road is considered an accident hotspot in Singapore.

8. Yishun Ave and Lentor Avenue

Yishun Ave and Lentor Avenue

Yet another road heavily used by residents and tourists. This route is busiest in the mornings and even when everyone is travelling to and from work.

This road is an accident hotspot due to a substantial number of commuters as well as speeding, which is a quite common offence in Singapore.

9. Newton Roundabout

Newton Roundabout

There aren't many roundabouts in Singapore and thus when learning and taking the driving test many drivers don't know how to drive around it. As a result, many drivers end up going into the incorrect lane or exit dangerously from the wrong lane. With all this confusion, the newton Roundabout is notorious for vehicle accidents or close calls. Confusion is further added with traffic lights within the large roundabout and adding more congestion to the roundabout.

The LTA has added a U-turn along Dunearn Road last year in September to hopefully ease the traffic congestion and allow confused drivers to exit the roundabout before stuck in a loop trying to find their exit.

10. Braddell Road to Bishan

Braddell Road is yet another dangerous road that drivers must be aware of and is a major road that is used daily by commuters as it connects the East to the West. While this road isn’t considered an expressway, it is built in a way that gives the illusion of it, as it is a long-stretched road that doesn’t have many lights. As a result, many commuters speed on this road and is considered a speed trap hotspot in Singapore.

Braddell Road to Bishan 


The major accidents happen where the traffic lights are places as there is a traffic light when you turn right and another one a few metres away which drivers are not aware of or assume it's green. Thus, turning and accelerating at the same time, causing accidents.


Now that you are aware of the roads that are considered an accident hotspot in Singapore, it is up to you to take that precaution when driving on these dangerous roads.

Distractions while driving are one of the most common causes of most road accidents and we’ve previously put together some information on what these common distractions are and how you can avoid them to keep yourself safe. You can read the article here.

 Also take note, that some accidents cannot be avoided even though you have made sure to follow road safety rules and have checked all sides before turning. We encourage all motorists to have some form of car insurance and roadside assistance to know you are covered in case of an accident and provide you with peace of mind when driving in Singapore.











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