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Eco-friendly resorts

Eco-friendly resorts in Southeast Asia Check these out

Did you know that the travel industry is responsible for almost a tenth of total greenhouse emissions? While this does seem excessive, don’t let it stamp out your wanderlust.

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rental car insurance

Holiday car rental. How to make sure you are protected.

Hiring a rental car on holiday can be a cheap and convenient way to get around. It also affords you the freedom to go off the beaten track and discover your own brand of adventure!

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Eco-friendly resorts

Eco-friendly resorts in Southeast Asia Check these out

Did you know that the travel industry is responsible for almost a tenth of total greenhouse emissions? While this does seem excessive, don’t let it stamp out your wanderlust.

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eco friendly holiday

How to have an eco-friendly holiday in Southeast Asia

As more Singaporeans become environment-conscious in their daily lives, they would also want to extend their eco-friendliness to their choice of holidays.

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travel agent

How to choose a good travel agent. Expert advice.

Recently, there has been news of many travel agencies going bust. To regulate the industry and reduce incidences of fly by night travel agents, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has, thankfully, introduced new legislation.

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Indonesia travel guide for Singaporeans

Ultimate guide for Singapore travellers. What you need to know about Indonesia.

Being an immediate neighbour, Indonesia makes an attractive destination for Singaporean travellers – it’s so close that workers in the Singapore CBD can see it every day.

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Hong Kong travel guide for Singaporeans

Ultimate guide for Singapore travellers. What you need to know about Hong Kong.

In Europe, it's Paris and London. In the US it's New York and Los Angeles. And in Australia, it's Sydney and Melbourne. The tendency to want to compare great cities seems to be part of human nature, possibly because those cities have so many points of difference.

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Star Wars, Resorts World Genting

Star Wars. The ‘real deal’ on our doorstep

Visitors to Resorts World Genting can soon go an a tantalising mission to a faraway galaxy with its latest attraction, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. The brand-new hyper-reality experience will allow guests to journey into the Star Wars universe.

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Volunteering holidays for Singaporeans

Volunteering holidays for Singaporeans. What you need to know

Increasingly, Singapore travellers are putting a higher value on experiences – ‘authentic’ experiences, as though an experience could be anything else – giving rise to a number of trends, some of which are not as benign as they seem.

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skiing holiday in Japan and Korea

How much does a skiing holiday in Japan and Korea really cost?

It’s coming up to that time of year again. The December holidays are fast approaching and if you’re like many Singaporeans, you may be dreaming of a white Christmas on the slopes.

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For Singapore travellers, it’s all about food

For Singapore travellers, it’s all about food, more food

Singaporeans are undoubtedly foodies. Given the vast array of food choices on our island, our favourite pastime is eating out at hawker centres or open-air food courts.

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vietnam hand bridge

The world’s most Instagram-worthy attraction on our doorstep.

You may have seen pictures of it on Instagram and on Facebook. Indeed, photos have been popping up on Facebook and Twitter posts all around the world.

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Bangkok street food for Singaporeans

Bangkok street food still sizzles despite closure threats. Our top picks.

Ask any Singaporean why they’re heading to Bangkok and food is almost certainly at or near the top of the list – and there’s plenty of reasons why.

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Homestay tourism in SE Asia

Homestay tourism in SE Asia: Our top five picks

If you are thinking of going for a holiday in a Southeast Asian country, why not include a homestay in your plans? Homestays can be relaxing as well as enriching as host families are invariably warm and welcoming, and eager to introduce you to local culture.

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Elephant Parks

Elephant Parks. Are they really sanctuaries or hotbeds of animal cruelty

Elephant parks are popular tourist attractions in many countries in this region. Visitors to these parks get to watch the animals bathing or perform various tricks.

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Groovy gift shops in Kuala Lumpur

Groovy gift shops in Kuala Lumpur. Our top picks.

Next time you’re in Kuala Lumpur check out these groovy gift shops. Your family and friends will be delighted with the spoils of your shopping spree.

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Our Singapore guy in Korea. Real people

Our Singapore guy in Korea. Real people. Real reviews.

Ricardo Tjendrajaya, works in IT at Budget Direct Insurance. Here he shares his holiday snaps and some insights into visiting South Korea.

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travel claims without hassle

Get your travel insurance claim approved without hassle. Expert tips.

Have you ever had your luggage lost in transit or worse, fallen ill while on holiday? These events can turn your holiday into a nightmare.

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credit card travel insurance

What you need to know about credit card travel insurance in Singapore

Most people are aware of the benefits of having travel insurance. It can be a godsend when you are overseas, helping you to recoup financial costs relating to lost baggage as well as accidents and illness.

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Best travel money options

Best travel money options. Credit cards, debit cards or cash?

When you are going on an overseas trip, you may wonder if you should rely on cash, credit cards or debit cards. Here are tips to help you along..

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japan ski trip

Save on your Japan ski trip. Quick budget tips

OK so a ski holiday in Japan may not top the list of budget travel ideas, but it’s popular with Singaporeans. So when the snow capped peaks are calling, can you make it easier on your bank balance?

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Berlin Germany

There’s never been a better time for Singaporeans to go to Berlin. Here’s why.

Berlin may not be the first city that comes to mind when most Singaporeans think of holidaying in Europe. Yet this city has much to offer, especially right now.

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2019 long weekend

Get 9 long weekends in 2019. Here’s how.

Get your calendars out and start planning for 2019. Next year, of the 11 official public holidays, two fall on a Friday, while three fall on a Sunday.

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malaysia travel guide

Ultimate guide for Singapore travellers. What you need to know about Malaysia.

Malaysia is Singapore’s favourite holiday destination – a good part of Malaysia is driving distance after all. There’s more to Malaysia than shopping in Johor Bahru, of course.

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airline travel insurance

Travel insurance. Should you buy it from airlines?

Think twice before buying travel insurance from airlines. You may not be getting value-for-money coverage from them.

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travelling with kids top tips

Travelling with kids in tow. Top tips

Most Singaporeans love to travel. Travelling with the kids, however, requires a little more planning and preparation.

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emergency call

Is your SE Asia holiday destination safe from natural disasters?

We head off on holiday to relax, spend time with family and friends and discover somewhere new. But let’s be honest, often we know very little about where we are going beyond the pool, or the beach and perhaps one or two recommended places to visit.

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easy getaways

6 quick easy getaways you don’t have to fly to

Want a long weekend break from Singapore that doesn’t involve breaking the bank or jumping on a plane? Here’s a roundup of our top picks for hassle-free getaways that are on the doorstep but make you feel like you’ve been transported a million miles away.

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thailand travel guide

Ultimate guide for Singapore travellers. What you need to know about Thailand.

Thailand is Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destination, and is justifiably popular with Singaporean holidaymakers. Not only does ‘the Land of Smiles’ offer a range of activities and destinations – from shopping in Bangkok, to beach holidays in Phuket, to cultural attractions in Chiang Mai...

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school holiday getaway

Tech-free family holidays for Singaporeans

If you are like many Singaporean families, you and your children are probably hooked on your digital devices so much so that mealtimes and holidays are spent with your noses buried in your smartphones or tablets.

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Singaporeans can now wing it direct to Warsaw

When you think of a trip to Europe the cities of Paris, London, Rome or Prague may spring to mind...but Warsaw? Why would you go there?

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Singaporeans Savouring Hong Kong

Hong Kong on a budget. Singaporeans share their insider tips.

Meet Lim AiQing. She’s our five-star Customer Care Exec who gets consistently good reviews from our customers.

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cost of cruises from singapore

Why are more Singaporeans taking cruise holidays? Find out.

While many cars in Singapore have cruise control these days, less than 1% of Singaporeans have tried a vacation onboard a cruise ship according to a study conducted by consumer researchers, Value Penguin.

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track in thailand

5 places to take the family off the beaten track in Thailand

Singapore’s seasoned travellers are often on the hunt for that long weekend getaway to escape the confines of our small island. But it’s not that easy finding a great destination off the beaten track that will tick all the boxes for the whole family.

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ultimate travel packing list

The ultimate interactive travel-packing list for Singaporeans.

One of the most frustrating aspects of going overseas can be making sure you manage to pack every necessary item. Too much and you’re loaded down with clutter. Too little and you’re left high and dry.

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singapore to broome

4 hours from Singapore. Broome will sweep you off your feet.

Sunset camel rides, pearl farms, an historic Chinatown, dinosaur foot prints, whale watching at some of the world’s best beaches and so much more… Welcome to Broome in Western Australia. And soon to be just a short four-hour direct flight from Singapore.

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pet travel singapore

Travelling with your pet from Singapore? Here’s what you need to know

It can be quite a hassle transporting your pets on planes around the world. But if it’s necessary and your pet is in good health then here are some basic guidelines to get you started on your journey. First off, there are a few precautionary steps you need to take.

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budget athens

Singaporeans can’t get enough of Athens. Here’s why.

Athens is a world away from Singapore. Here we love to upgrade most things that are beyond 50 years old. Athens, on the other hand, is one of the world’s oldest cities...

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long haul flight

Best, new long haul budget flights from Singapore. Plus survival tips for no frills flying.

Low cost carriers, budget airlines or no-frills flying – in the last few years we’ve all enjoyed a quick cheapy get away, haven’t we?

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Sri Lanka on a budget

Sri Lanka on a budget. 10 reasons Singaporeans love it.

Long lovely beaches, culture without the chaos, national parks teeming with wildlife and sacred historical sites are just some of the reasons Sri Lanka is firmly on the map this year for Singaporeans. And for the budget traveller it’s a great destination.

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Get great holiday shots

Get great holiday shots on your phone. Expert advice

Never before has it been so easy to capture an image on camera and share it with the world. The smart phone really has revolutionised the way we take photographs.

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luxury travel on budget

Savvy Singaporeans bag luxury holiday on a budget. Here’s how.

Patience and a little know-how will get you the best price on flights, accommodation and transfers. You might even be able to bag yourself a luxury holiday for free.

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maldives estate of emergency

Maldives' State of Emergency: What Singaporean Travellers Should Do

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently issued travel warnings for Singaporeans. Following the declaration of a state of emergency in the Maldives, here are a few things you should do whether you are currently in the Maldives or have an upcoming trip.

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escape at cny

Where to escape to at CNY without breaking the bank or sitting at the airport

With Chinese New Year fast approaching you suddenly get that itchy feet feeling. You haven’t booked anywhere but everyone is talking about their holidays and now you’re feeling left out. Wouldn’t it be great to get away from it all?

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Travel emergency advice

Holiday hell. A bomb, a mass shooting and a volcano. Here’s what to do in an emergency.

On holiday you’d expect to wind down, relax and do some sightseeing. Dealing with a travel emergency is not high on the agenda, but it can happen.

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low-cost airlines

How safe is the budget airline you are flying with?

Budget airlines fly to many destinations in the region and even beyond. They are cheap and accessible, providing easy transport options for the cost-conscious traveller.

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lapland finland

From Singapore to Finland

One Singapore family share their holiday moments from Lapland in the northern part of Finland. They also had a mini stopover in Italy on their way home to Singapore. Here’s how they got on. #honesttravelreview

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guide to yogyakarta

Culture seekers on a budget in Yogyakarta

A Sultan’s palace, picture-perfect temples and a thriving cafe culture, Yogyakarta has it all. Located on the Indonesian Island of Java, it may be just a two and a half hour flight from Singapore, but the ancient city of Yogyakarta feels a million miles away.

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Annual travel insurance

Should you choose annual travel insurance or get single trip cover? Expert advice.

Not only is Singapore poised in a great place to reach Europe, Australia and the rest of the world, we also have lots of low cost airlines to the rest of the region and beyond which all explains why we are so hooked on travel.

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Free museums in seoul

Seoul searching on a budget. Must-see museums for free.

Stepping into a good museum is a bit like a sophisticated car ad where the cool looking guy walks through a busy city, gets into his gleaming vehicle and the whole world hushes.

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5 places to honeymoon on a budget

Escape the price tag. 5 places to honeymoon on a budget.

Remember that super catchy pop song that tells you to forget about the price tag? All very well on the dance floor, after all you can dance for free.

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dont get sick on holiday

Don’t get sick on holiday! Here’s what it could cost you…

If you ever needed a reason to buy travel insurance, here it is.

Take a look at this graph from consumer researchers Value Penguin, showing the most common health claims, which include ear infections, gastroenteritis and a broken bone…and the cost to get them treated.

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planning honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon? Tips and travel advice to keep costs down.

Love is more important than money, but have you ever tried paying your bills with a hug? Planning a honeymoon should be fun, and leave you excited at the prospect, rather than dreading the arrival of your bank statement.

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budget flights to japan

Get your skis on! There are now budget flights direct from Singapore to Japan!

This winter, Scoot Airlines is adding non-stop flights from Singapore to Sapporo. The service will operate once a week during November, increasing to twice weekly from December to February 11, 2018.

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protection in hospital

Stay safe in hospital. Laos, Vietnam and the Gili Islands

Major cities in Asia have excellent hospitals. But what if you’re off the beaten track and need to find a hospital in a hurry?

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Singapore haze

Singapore haze. Would your travel plans be covered?

With the aircon turned on and the windows shut, you might not realise it's there, but as soon as you head out, you’ll know it's back – the Singapore Haze.

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Majestic sunset

Budget Singapore. How to find a travel bargain

With the internet at our fingertips it should be easy to get the best holiday deal around with just the click of a mouse – right?

But, like many things in life, it pays to know what you’re looking for. The travel experts at Budget Direct Insurance offer some hot tips to get ahead of the crowd and find that travel bargain.

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baggage delay advice

Baggage delay sucks! How to protect your luggage

According to SITA, the makers of the World Tracer System, 21.6 million bags were lost or temporarily mislaid in 2016. That means on average five to six bags per 1,000 passengers. Since 2007 the number of bags permanently lost per 1,000 passengers has fallen by 70 percent.* And this is against rising numbers of passengers.

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baggage delay

Baggage delay. What to do when you arrive but your bags don’t

It’s that sinking feeling ….you’ve waited patiently by the carousel for your case and now you are the only one there. A few bags are still doing the rounds, plus a battered looking cardboard box, none of which belong to you.

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Street food

Street food. What’s hot to eat on the streets of Europe?

In South East Asia, we have the best choice of street food on our doorstep. So you may be forgiven for thinking you’ve tried everything worth eating.

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travel vaccine

Easy guide to holiday vaccines. What you may need and why

A major part of preventing sickness on holiday is getting the right jabs. In the first of two posts, we discuss what holiday vaccines your doctor will check with you, and what they may recommend. Their advice will depend upon your destination, time frame and activities.

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Bali volcano. What you need to know

There are now real fears of an imminent volcanic eruption at Mount Agung in Bali. Here’s what you need to know if you had plans to travel there.

Experts say that all the evidence still points to an eruption at any time, although the number of tremors, while still high, has decreased in the last few days.

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Travel vaccines explained

Planning a South East Asian adventure? Travel vaccines explained

South East Asia. So much to explore – Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo, Indonesia – just to start the dream holiday list. But if you are planning to travel there, you’ll want to stay safe. And that means two things – travel insurance and vaccinations.

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How to find a travel bargain

Budget Singapore. How to find a travel bargain - Part Two

The best way to get a great deal is to know the tricks of the travel trade. With a bit of time and effort, tempting discounts can be found on almost anything. In the second of our posts on finding your perfect travel bargain and booking last minute, here are some useful apps, websites and travel companies. All aimed at getting you away and having a great holiday for as little as possible.

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Amalfi Coast Italy

Spectacular road trips. Amalfi Coast, Italy.

If you like your road trips short and perfectly formed, this one’s for you. Situated in the Campania region, the Amalfi Coast hugs the southern edge of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula.

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group travel tips

Thinking about group travel? 3 pro tips for success

Travelling in a group, or if you want to use the sophisticated French term – ‘en masse’ - has its potential highs and lows. So is group travel a good idea for you? And how do you make your trip a bonding experience rather than a disaster movie?

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group travel

Thinking about group travel? Must try ideas to suit you

Going away with others can be fantastic fun, whether you are ‘en famille’ (as the French would say), as a couple or with a group of mates. If you decide group travel is for you and want ideas to make great memories, here are some sure-fire winners for you. Must try!

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Thaipusam festival guide - Singapore

Thaipusam festival guide - Singapore Colour, passion and pain

The Thaipusam festival is not for the faint hearted – it is a visually startling experience involving a noisy and colourful procession and an abundance of body piercing.

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Thaipusam festival guide

Thaipusam festival guide Malaysia

The Hindu ceremony of Thaipusam is not for the faint hearted – it is a visually startling experience involving a deafening and colourful procession and an abundance of body piercing. The festival takes place every year in February.

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great ocean road

Spectacular road trips Australia’s amazing Great Ocean Road

Exploring the open road has been popular since man figured out how to stay on a horse. And we Singaporeans are known for our spirit of adventure, but where to go?

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must try street food

Must-try street food in three of Asia’s best-known cities

Singaporeans know you don’t need to pay 5-star prices to get the best food. The world’s first Michelin stars awarded for hawker food were given to two chefs on the little Red Dot – one went to Chan Hon Meng for the fantastic chicken he serves up, the other to chef Tang Chay Seng who turns out delicious bowls of minced-meat and noodles.

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weekend plan

Road trip Singapore. A perfectly formed weekend plan!

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life into lush countryside of with pretty coastal forests, and mangroves. So we know that a road trip usually involves a long distance journey, but what about Singapore?

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Wild Atlantic Way Ireland

Spectacular road trips. Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland

If you like your road trips leisurely and rugged, this one’s for you. This is an extensive road trip - from the very top of the Republic of Ireland at Malin Head, around the Atlantic Coast, finishing at Kinsale just south of Cork more than 2,500 km later.

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South Island New Zealand

Spectacular road trips. South Island New Zealand

The South Island of New Zealand has three times fewer people as the North Island. Think open roads and adventure. The island is characterised by dramatic scenery, diverse marine and bird life, national parks and of course, bungee jumping!

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Hungry Melbourne

Hungry Melbourne. Insider guide to getting fatter through eating better

The freshest bruschetta, a hunky Italian man, an artisan coffee made by a barista who makes a six figure salary, a hearty helping of perfect Thai food. All this and more in the second part of guide to delicious, awe inspiring, not too pricey breakfast, lunch or dinner in Melbourne.

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5 ways to enjoy Melbourne

First time guide. 5 ways to enjoy Melbourne

Melbourne welcomes over 59.7 million tourists a year. So what’s the draw? Beautiful beaches, an iconic skyline and most importantly, an unsurpassed food and coffee culture. If you haven’t been to Melbourne, it’s time. This is your first time guide.

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3 Singapore restaurants that sizzle

Hungry and bored? 3 Singapore restaurants that sizzle

For math fans, here is an equation. Good food + fun = good times. And if you are bored of your normal go to restaurant, here’s our list of restaurants with a little more sizzle.

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Angkor Wat Marathon

Singapore runners. Handy guide to the Angkor Wat Marathon

Imagine starting a run with one of Asia’s awe-inspiring temples as the backdrop, with the sun just about to rise above its ancient structure. Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world. It was transformed from a Hindu worship place to a Buddhist temple towards the end of the 12th century.

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bagan marathon

Singapore runners. Handy guide to the Bagan Marathon

The Temple Run through the historic town of Bagan in central Myanmar must surely be one of the world’s best in terms of backdrops and atmosphere.

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find yourself travel alone

Find yourself travelling alone? Experts share the benefits of solo travel

It seems the solo traveller isn’t alone any more – going on holiday or and getting away from it all on you own has never been more popular.

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driving long distance

Driving long distance. Expert tips to keep you safe

Singapore may have a surprising 3,400 kms of road, but it’s not the Australian outback. On the Little Red Dot, a road trip is never going to last from sunrise to sunset. And there are no kangaroos to worry about.

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First time guide. 7 ways to enjoy Phuket

Visit the Wat Karon Night Market, sample tantalising street food, dive in crystal clear waters. If you haven’t been to Phuket in Thailand, you haven’t lived. This is your first time guide.

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trip cancellation

Trip cancellation.
These two words create travel nightmares
How to protect yourself

As tempting as it may be to leave your travel insurance to the last minute, it really does pay to arrange it as soon as you have booked your holiday.

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Singapore travel agent goes bust

Warning! Another Singapore travel agent goes bust. Here’s how to protect yourself

Following the abrupt closure of another well-known, Singapore travel agency, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is urging travellers to do the following: Buy travel insurance as soon as you book your trip.

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Great Wall Marathon

Singapore runners. Handy guide to the Great Wall Marathon

The Great Wall is one of the all-new Seven Wonders of the World. Given the opportunity to run on it, why wouldn’t you reach for your trainers?

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solo traveller

Going Solo? Expert advice for the first time solo traveller

Fantastically liberating for some, scary as hell for others – solo travel is a unique experience.

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Want more time off? Hacks for Singapore public holidays 2018

Okay, get your calendars out and start planning for 2018. Next year, just four out of 11 public holidays fall on either Monday or Friday. This means we only get four ‘official’ long weekends But don’t despair there are some clever ways to hack the system giving you nine long weekends instead!

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Mr Brown

Got wanderlust? 5 of the Best - Singapore travel bloggers

Wanderlust. It’s a super cool German word that describes why Singaporeans like to travel. It means a strong desire for, or impulse to wander, to travel and explore the world.

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got wonderlust

Got wanderlust? Singapore travel blogs make all the difference

Wanderlust. It’s a super cool German word that describes why Singaporeans like to travel. It means a strong desire for, or impulse to wander, to travel and explore the world.

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choosing the right travel policy

Travel insurance. How to get the perfect fit for you

Father + son, single parent + boyfriend, or a group of friends. If you are planning a holiday, you’ll need Travel insurance. But you also need answers before you decide to buy the right policy. We get you!

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why buy travel insurance

Why buy travel insurance? It’s your best ticket home

When you’re planning a trip away, organising travel insurance isn’t right at the top of your dream holiday to do list.

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Stay safe in hospital 9 expert tips

Stay safe in hospital 9 expert tips

Falling sick when you’re away from home is never part of the plan. And having to find treatment, or even a hospital in an unfamiliar place can be daunting.

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bumped off a flight

Bumped off a flight? Does your Singapore travel insurance cover you

You would have to be trekking in Nepal with no Wi-Fi to avoid images of Dr David Dao being dragged off a flight. Following the United Airlines fiasco, here’s what you need to know about getting bumped off a flight.

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singapore runners

Singapore runners. Top 3 runs past Asia’s ancient monuments

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be running in Singapore? And not just for the bus or the MRT, we are talking proper running with flash gear and headphones.

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japan ski

Ski Japan. Clever guide to keep costs down

You’d love to feel the creak of snow and have wispy fresh powder flying from your skis. But, wait, Japan is so expensive!

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ski japan

Ski Japan. Guide to insurance + powder + when to go

Skiing in Japan seems to be on everyone’s lips at the moment. Yes, Japan’s said to have the best powder in the world, but taking to the slopes isn’t cheap.

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international proposal day

March 20th is International Proposal Day

Still feeling loved up after Valentine’s Day? Or looking for another excuse to go somewhere quiet with your special someone? Help is at hand in the form of International Proposal Day. Yes, it really is a thing.

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spectacular road trips

Spectacular road trips New Zealand

New Zealand is your passport to the road trip of a lifetime. Be wowed by beautiful beaches and gorgeous scenery, visit Middle Earth, learn about Maori culture and discover all that’s best about this rugged country. From Scott Point to Wellington, we have all the tips you need to make the most of your holiday.

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Gourmet Melbourne

Gourmet Melbourne. Insider guide to getting fat through eating well

Phew! Now we’ve done the health and fitness bit, let’s talk about something the human race can all agree on. Food. And if you like delicious, awe inspiring, not too pricey breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will love Melbourne.

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street food

The highs and lows of street food What’s shiok and what’s not!

One of the best ways to get to know a country and a culture is to hang out with the locals. And where’s the best place to do this? The neighbourhood’s street food stalls.

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uk coast

Spectacular road trips Quick facts on the UK’s South Coast

If you want a holiday packed with picture postcard loveliness, look no further. Our latest road trip takes us to the South Coast of the UK, Cornwall to be precise.

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cameron highlands

Spectacular road trips The incredible Cameron Highlands

Not too much, not too little. The Cameron Highlands is just right. Imagine fresh air, a cool climate and rolling countryside. And, amazingly this place is right on Singapore’s doorstep. So if you want an epic road trip that is nearer than Australia, why not head north over the border to Malaysia?

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senior traveller

Why should George Clooney have all the fun? Senior traveller holiday tips

These days world travel is not simply the preserve of the Hollywood jetset. But if you, and/or your parents feel like taking a trip abroad, the choice can be daunting.

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Celebrate the best of Singapore The Chingay Parade

The Little Red Dot hosts the largest street performance and float parade in Asia. The Chingay Parade represents all that makes multicultural Singapore such a great place to be.

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i light marina bay

Light Marina Bay Singapore. Prepare to be dazzled!

If the skyline at Marina Bay in Singapore isn’t enough to dazzle you, from now till the end of March be prepared to be totally blown away. i Light Marina Bay, the sustainable art light festival, has returned to Singapore.

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irish festival

St Patrick’s Day Irish street festival in Singapore!

You don’t have to leave Singapore to soak up a bit of the Emerald Isle. You can get a flavor of all things Irish right here in Singapore, without the hassle of a 14-hour flight to Belfast or Dublin.

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Dining customs around the world. How to eat like the locals

Adjusting to cultural norms is part of a rich travel experience. Two things we know in Singapore – how to live together, and how to eat!

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Terry Fox Run 2017. Singapore comes together to fight cancer

This Sunday a fantastic run gets underway in Singapore, but this time participants aren’t competing against each other. They are running together to help beat cancer.

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Spectacular road trips. North Island New Zealand

Explore steaming volcanos and bubbling mud pools, discover more about the island’s Colonial and Maori history. Get to the best beaches and find out how you can camp for free. Your journey begins now!

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Spectacular road trips Cornwall, UK South Coast

If you want a holiday packed with picture postcard prettiness, look no further. Our latest road trip takes us to the South Coast of the UK, Cornwall to be precise.

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driving in australia

Singaporean drivers. Top 5 hidden hazards of driving in Australia

The wide open roads of Australia may appear easy compared to negotiating the crazy congestion of Singapore. But when you pick up your hire car in Australia you will face very different challenges. And yes, kangaroos and wombats are included!

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shopping in beijing

Shopping trips – Part 7: Beijing, what to buy and where to go

China is a manufacturing powerhouse. If you can’t find what you are looking for in Beijing, then you need to take a long hard look at yourself as a serious shopper! Beijing is the world’s third most populous city and, as China’s capital, anything and everything is available here.

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shopping in korea

Shopping trips – Part 6: Seoul, guide to best buys and Gangnam style!

Seoul is for serious shoppers. In this buzzing capital city of South Korea there are miles of cool shopping streets, neighbourhoods and markets. Anything and everything is possible.

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shopping in tokyo

Shopping trips – Part 5: Tokyo, what to buy and where to go

You may not associate Tokyo with bargain shopping, but there are some great adventures to be had in this intriguing city. There are around 50 shopping districts throughout Tokyo, enough to challenge even the most experienced Singapore shopper.

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shopping shenzhen guide

Shopping trips – Part 4: Shenzhen, your guide to shopping and relaxing

If you’re on vacation in Hong Kong and bargain shopping is your thing, pop across the border to the shopping emporium of Shenzhen.

In our previous post, we advised on getting to Shenzhen and why you should go. In this post, the shopping experts at Budget Direct Insurance offer top advice on what to buy, how to buy it, and where to relax after your spree!

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Shopping Shenzhen

Shopping trips – Part 3: Shenzhen, getting there and what to buy

Calling all shoppers! We are taking you on a bargain hunt around Asia, finding some of the coolest places to shop. Today, we discover the best of Shenzhen.

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shopping hongkong

Shopping trips – Part 2: Hong Kong, what to buy and where to go

The abundance of low-cost flights and a strong Singapore dollar makes jetting off from the Little Red Dot very attractive these days.

A survey by Visa found that “affluent holiday-goers here go abroad about three times a year on average”, the same as well heeled travellers from China, making visitors from Singapore some of the most frequent travellers in The Asia Pacific region”*

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outlet shopping

Shopping trips – Part 1: Outlet shopping

As Singaporeans we are always up for a bargain, right? And if it means travelling hundreds of miles to find one, then so be it!

In the last couple of decades, with the birth of the outlet village, discount shopping has taken off on a massive scale. Now firmly on the tourist map, outlet villages make popular day trips while on vacation.

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Budget Singapore. Best ways to make your travel money go further

Expert travellers often decide their next trip based on where they will get the most for their hard earned SGD. Expert advice from our travel team will soon have you cashing in too!

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shopping orchard singapore

Shop Til You Drop Quiz

Is shopping a national pastime in Singapore? Is it humid in Singapore lah?! Yes, of course, on both counts!

In the next few blogs we’re taking you on the shopaholics trip of a lifetime! Not only do we Singaporeans like to shop at home, we love to look for the things we love when we’re on holiday, only at half the price!

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yoga bali

Yoga retreats in Asia. Simply the best in the world

Do you sometimes return from a break carrying a few extra kilos, with a lack of energy after lazing on the sunbed? That, plus the holiday blues, when you return to face the real world can make anyone want to head straight back to the airport.

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Road safety. All about roundabouts and tips to stay safe

If you plan on driving while on holiday abroad, you will first, of course, need to organise your Travel and Car insurance with Budget Direct Insurance. Then, you may want to think about is brushing up on your roundabout skills.

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The Hague

Budget Europe. 6 ways to save in The Hague

Planning a trip to Europe from Singapore? Then make sure The Hague is on your wish list. This really is one of Europe’s hidden gems.

This Dutch city conjures up images of grand palaces, stunning architecture, imposing art galleries, high-end shops and gourmet restaurants. It is not the place you would expect to do ‘on the cheap’.

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airline food

Hot or not? The good, the bad, the ugly of airline food

Ever since the first passenger plane took off, airline food has been a somewhat controversial part of our travel experience. If you have ever been confronted with a plastic tray of something you can’t quite describe on a long haul flight, you will know what we mean.

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holiday packing

Ten tips for holiday packing - don’t forget this!

Making sure you have the right stuff on holiday is essential to quick relaxation. There is nothing worse than having to rush out and find an essential item. It can be any combination of costly, time consuming and/or impossible!

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solo trip tips

Planning solo travel? 4 ways to make the most of your trip

According to Visa Global Travel Intentions Study (2015) nearly a quarter of 13,000 travellers surveyed from 25 countries travelled alone on their most recent trip.

Solo travel means you have the luxury to plan your own route and go where you fancy, or you may want to sit back and let a tour company do all the leg work.

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healthy holiday tips

A few simple steps to help you stay healthy on holiday

You have planned and paid for your holiday, you have made the effort to leave work and get away. And then you get sick? You’re feeling horrible and missing out on all the fun. Plus, feeling ill in a hotel room can be doubly uncomfortable without your home comforts and your usual doctor to call.

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travel with children

Airplanes and travel with small children Your hassle-free guide

In the latest of our posts designed to help you to travel hassle-free, we look at getting on the plane and out of the airport. The mums and dads at Budget Direct Insurance have come up with some practical tips to travel with small children and babies.

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save on travel costs

Budget Singapore. Best ways to save on travel costs

If you lend someone $20, and never see that person again, it was probably worth it. Seriously though, it’s no fun throwing money away. And paying over the odds for things in Singapore can get old quickly.

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travel gadgets

Get tech savvy with 8 essential travel gadgets

Going on holiday may be an exciting step into the unknown, but let’s face it, many of us still want to hold onto our creature comforts. Some things from home are easy to stuff into a case, while others you’ll have to shop around for a travel solution. So Budget Direct Insurance has done some homework on key travel gadgets, making your journey that little bit smarter.

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Travelling with parents. Your No-Stress guide

Family has always been at the heart of things in Singapore. In a recent survey of Social Attitudes of Singaporeans, nine out of 10 people said they have a tight knit family and 40% of young families live in the same flat, same block or estate as their parents, with 55% of those saying they enjoyed living so close.*

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