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Get tech savvy with 8 essential travel gadgets

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Going on holiday may be an exciting step into the unknown, but let’s face it, many of us still want to hold onto our creature comforts. Some things from home are easy to stuff into a case, while others you’ll have to shop around for a travel solution. So Budget Direct Insurance has done some homework on key travel gadgets, making your journey that little bit smarter.

1. Battery power

A phone is not a luxury on holiday. It’s great to stay in touch, but there are also times when your phone can get you out of a jam. When you’re on the move, it’s not great if your phone runs out of charge. Invest in an external battery charger but go for one which is light and has the ability to charge your phone several times over so when the kids grab it, or you get caught short without a charger on an unexpected delay, you can relax. Look for one with USB ports.

2. Pocket or travel router

More reliable than trying to log onto the hotel’s WIFI or you may just want to create your own secure wireless connection. Choose one with USB ports that let you charge your devices. You can also plug an external hard drive into one of the ports and stream your own music and movies. Described as the tech equivalent of the “Swiss army knife” according to one reviewer on Amazon.

3. International plug adapter

A must have on any trip, get one which covers the full range of international voltages, from 110-240 and will typically work in around 150 countries.

4. Family travel charger

If there are several of you, along with several more electronic devices, invest in a 5 port USB charger. They are pretty cheap and will save lots of arguments over who wants to charge up when. Get one with a good combined output (5 amps).

5. Waterproof phone case

Read the reviews and invest in the best, if your child dunks your smartphone in the water or sand gets into it, you’ll find it easier to stay in holiday mode!

6. Kindle

Download all your reading material in one place, including travel guide books, children’s books for when they get bored and even study aid books for teenagers who have to take their work with them. The new Kindle paperwhite has a lit display for reading in any light.

7. Travel scales

Don’t get stressed as you approach the check-in desk and fear you’ll have to dump your favourite shoes at the airport, invest in a digital luggage scale. Attach it to your luggage straps on your case and lift. If you are over the airline weight limit you can leave out non-essentials before you have to bail on them at the airport.

8. Bluetooth speaker

Great for listening to your own music in the room or around the pool. Look for a small compact one that’s waterproof, some come with a suction cap for that extra beat as it vibrates through the tabletop! And to carry them around?

Do your homework on gadget backpacks as there are some serious examples on the market. Some have air bags to protect your laptop and your shoulders from carrying them all! Separate compartments are perfectly sized for bigger gadgets and there are numerous loops, clips, and straps. Some even come with a solar panel so you are never without power, while others have built-in batteries and charging compartments. The sky’s your limit to the number of gadgets you can get in these bags.

All your gadgets are a meaningful investment. Protect against loss and theft by having the right travel cover with Budget Direct Insurance.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember it’s vital to have good Travel cover.
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