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Budget Direct Insurance creates spokespuppet called Budsy in campaign from Cohort

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Insurance firm Budget Direct Insurance Singapore has turned to a glove puppet called Budsy in a move it hopes will make the brand more engaging in a “cold and impersonal sector”.

The campaign, created by Cohort Communications, aims to tackle issues which confuse consumers such as middlemen fees, safe drivers subsidising risky motorists and industry jargon.

To front the work, Cohort devised what it described as a “charming, low-cost sock puppet” who acts as a “spokespuppet” for Budget Direct.

“For a long time, buying insurance has been made out to be complicated and hard. With Budget Direct Insurance we want to show Singaporeans how easy it is and how much people can save when they go direct,” said head of marketing for Auto and General Southeast Asia, Geoffrey Dickman.

“Introducing Budsy as the cheerful spokespuppet allows us to challenge the convention of how most Singaporeans buy their insurance. Within a relatively cold and impersonal category, we can be direct in our messaging in a way that is disruptive and engaging.”

The campaign also signals a “refreshing departure from the use of celebrities” the firm said.

A spokesperson for Cohort said: “It’s not often a client gives you the opportunity to subvert category conventions on behalf of a brand.”

The campaign includes print, online videos, PR and social media.

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