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Motoring News Road tax discs no longer needed

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Calling all motorists in Singapore. You will no longer be required to display road tax discs on the windscreen of your vehicles. As of February 15 2017, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will stop issuing physical road tax discs as part of its efforts to streamline processes.

Motorists are still required to ensure they have paid their road tax for the year.

Quick Facts

1. Motorists will only receive a road tax payment notice, and no paper road tax disc will be issued.

2. You should ensure that your original motor insurance certificate is readily available in your vehicle at all times

3. Using a vehicle without valid road tax is an offence and liable to a maximum fine of $2,000. Motorists can continue to check, as well as print out proof of the validity of their road tax via the One.Motoring website.

Look for LTA eServices/Online Enquiries/Enquire Road Tax Expiry Date

4. You can also log into your One.Motoring account and opt to receive email reminders to renew your road tax. 

5. Those driving into Malaysia are advised to carry printed proof of the validity of their road tax in their vehicles. 

How to pay - options

Motorists are also reminded that they can also pay their road tax via AXS m-Stations (mobile) and e-Stations (internet), in addition to existing electronic payment channels such as AXS Stations, the One.Motoring portal and GIRO. It is hoped these new payment channels will improve convenience for motorists.

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