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Top 3 dangers of driving in flip-flops

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In sunny Singapore we love our flip-flops. BUT did you know that they’re considered to be one of the most dangerous types of footwear to drive in?

What’s the problem?

Pedals can easily get caught between the sole of your foot and the flip-flop, which can be disastrous. Your favourite bendy footwear can also easily slip off whilst you’re driving and get caught between or under the pedals.

In fact, flip-flops are said to be even more dangerous than wearing high-heels while driving.  Although not illegal in Singapore, drivers are strongly advised NOT to wear flip-flops. And wearing flip-flops to a driving test in Singapore will result in immediate failure.

Top 3 dangers of driving in flip-flops

Accident researchers say their main concern is that flimsy flip-flops make it more difficult to brake effectively. Here’s why:

  1. It takes longer to slow your car down in flip-flops. Overall deceleration is up to 0.13 seconds slower which is the equivalent of travelling a further 3.5m at 60mph. That can be the difference between a near miss and a crash!
  2. Maneuvering your foot between pedals is slower. Moving a foot between brake and accelerator pedals takes twice as long in flip-flops. With flip-flops it takes 0.04 seconds compared to 0.02 seconds in wedges.
  3. The force applied to the brake is less.  In flips-flops the force is 10.05 sq m per second compared with 20.05 for wedges.

According to research by UK price comparison website confused.com, 40% of women take to the roads in high heels, while 39% wear flip-flops and 24% go barefoot. Over a quarter of male drivers (27%) admitted to driving in flip-flops, too, while 22% will also wear nothing on their feet. 

In Singapore, where we have year-round sunshine, the figures for wearing flip-flops and going barefoot, are most likely to be even higher.

Can I go barefoot instead then?

In short, no. Although it isn’t illegal, going barefoot presents other problems. A wet or sweaty foot won’t provide you with any grip on the pedals.

Going barefoot on the pedals can quickly lead to cramping or other pains in the foot, making you lose control of the car. Having said that, if faced with a choice between flip-flops and going barefoot then the safer option would be to go barefoot. But this isn’t a long-term safe solution.

So what IS the solution?

Keep a pair of suitable driving shoes in your car. Covered slip-on trainers or pumps will do. That way, you won’t be tempted to wing it in a pair of flip-flops.

At Budget Direct Insurance we make your road safety a priority. We are always looking for ways to minimize your risks on Singapore’s roads.

Final tip? Make sure you have full protection when it comes to your car insurance.  At Budget Direct Insurance we are here for you 24/7. Call us at our Singapore office or go online and get a quick quote today.

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