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End of the Free Ride

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Okay, despite the headline here, motorcyclists have hardly been enjoying a free ride. But until recently COE premiums for motorcyclists were only painful, rather than debilitating, and the tax regime was decidedly friendly compared with other forms of transport.

It looks as though the party is over.

So how can canny motorcyclists in Singapore save money in this environment?

What not to scrimp on:

  • Safety equipment. There’s an old saying: If you’ve got a $10 head, get a $10 helmet. Better protection in the event something bad happens is money well spent.
  • Servicing. If your motorcycle is regularly serviced you stand a chance of saving on more expensive repairs in the future. Also, you may extend the useful life of your machine, increasing its resale value in the process.
  • Tyres. Yes, you can spend less on tyres, and quality, grippy tyres are expensive. But would you rather run out of grip? Cheap tyres could equal expensive repairs; they are a false economy. 

Where you can save $: 

  • Downsize your aspirations. Bigger, heavier, more powerful motorcycles can be loads of fun, but fuel costs, insurance costs, maintenance costs, and replacing those super-sticky sports tyres every couple of thousand kilometres really adds up.
  • Tyre pressures. Purchase a good quality tyre pressure gauge and check pressures every other week – follow the manufacturer guidelines. Properly inflated tyres have less rolling resistance, saving fuel, and don’t wear out nearly as quickly. Don’t overinflate either – you will have a lot less grip. The best bit? You can top up your air pressure for free!
  • Buy some chain lube. If you have a shaft- or belt-drive motorcycle, now’s the time to feel smug. For the rest of us, regular chain maintenance is vital. Replacement chains are expensive, and unmaintained chains can cause catastrophic damage. Regular chain maintenance can save money in the long run.
  • Ride gently. Less time on a full throttle will not only save fuel, but also reduce spending on service items such as brake pads, clutches, and tyres.
  • Safety equipment. Yes, you want quality, but do you really need that expensive race-replica version of a helmet?
  • Insurance. Budget Direct Insurance helps you save. Third party cover starts from only $150, but you can also save by selecting the paperless option to knock $20 off the premium instantly; by selecting a named rider plan; by selecting a plan for commuting and private use only; and on comprehensive plans Singapore use only will save 5% off the premium. 

Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember it’s vital to have good .
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